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Swimming in a Waterfall

I love swimming, I have been trying to go swimming once or twice a day. The places I am swimming most commonly is Sunset Beach. Robin WaterfallBut, I recently went for a swim in a waterfall’s pool. This was the first time I ever went swimming in a waterfall. Anyone who went swimming there had the option of jumping off the waterfall, so long as they didn’t go to high. I obviously did so. It took me a long time to be able to climb the waterfall. I tried four times with no success. Then a girl there showed me where to grab so I could hold on through the current. It took me a few more tries before I got it right but I did it, after many scrapes and bruises from falling and slipping. Ow. But, it was worth it. Once I knew how, I wouldn’t stop. I jumped off at least ten times–probably more. It was so much fun, especially because I would sink with a life vest on.

While in the pool, everybody had to wear a life vest because at it’s deepest the pool is about thirty feet deep. The girl who showed me how to climb the waterfall was really kind and we ended up talking for most the rest of the time we spent swimming. I stayed in until we were both told to get out. If I could, I would go back again. But, unfortunately, we are leaving Oahu and won’t go back. But the girl and I may meet up again and we made plans to get in touch when we are back in Oahu in two weeks. The whole experience was incredible and irreplaceable, at least in my opinion.