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So, what happens when you play in the waves at a beach the locals call “Pounders”? Well, you have a wonderful time as long as you stay away from the big waves.

Laie BeachRobin and I decided it would be a good idea to go for a short run from our place in Laie down to Laie Beach Park, aka Pounders. And that is what we did. We ran down to the beach and then played in the smaller waves … but small waves can be a bit boring. With no adult supervision to keep us from being fools, we decided to venture over to where the locals bodysurfed and otherwise played.

The first wave knocked us on our butts. This was before we managed to get into water that was above our thighs. I want to point out that I have never been in larger waves. The biggest waves I have been in on PEI might have been the size of the one that knocked us down. A wiser man (or daughter) might have turned around at this point. We battled on. The second wave was not bad. The third was pretty okay. It was easy. It was time to try a little bodysurfing on a real wave.

Our wave was obvious. The water level dropped to waist level and the sucking began around our legs. Looking back, all we could see was water coming toward us. We dropped our heads and swam. At this point, I can only speak from personal experience. I swam as hard as I could and felt my legs rise as the wave caught up to me. I sped up and for just a moment, I was flying on top of the water. The next thing I remember was doing (what I could only assume were awesome) summersaults until I was completely disoriented. The only reason I knew which way was up was because I was lying on the bottom. I staggered over to Robin shaking away the cobwebs (is there a water-addled version of cobwebs?) and we started back to try again. She had experienced a similar fate.

Laie BeachIt was not until we were preparing to try again that Robin pointed out that I had lost the right side of my bathing shorts. My modesty was still intact but I was uncertain how many repeats I could withstand. As I mentioned, we had run down to the beach and did not bring any extra clothing. We decided to try one more in the “pounders” and then head back to the smaller waves. I refuse to call it a defeat, merely a tactical retreat.

Eventually, Janet and Sarah came by (we were planning on meeting there) and I convinced them, through some minor laughs, that they could bring me back a pair of shorts a bit later.

  1. The best things in life have a fraction of modesty hanging on by a thread. 🙂

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