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Out in the town and up to see the waterfall

Beach County ParkYesterday I went out with mom, dad and Robin. We went to see the waterfall that is really close to the house that we are renting. Mom found the house online on airbnb. While we were at the falls, there was a man there with his daughter. They told us about a great hotel that serves a brunch. I would like to go but it would be too long to wait for me to eat my first meal.

The water looked really fun to go into but you need to have water shoes so that the ground does not hurt your feet.  I don’t have water shoes but in Hawaii there should be a spot where you can buy water shoes. I hope that all four of us get water shoes so that we can all go into the stream.

I then went in to town with mom, dad, and Robin. We all got out to wander around. There were a lot of people around for me. Dad took my sunglass so that they would not get lost in the jostle of people. These are new sunglass that go over my glasses. I got them in Vancouver because somewhere from Halifax to Vancouver my other pair had gone missing. That is all right. I got new ones that I like even more.

  1. Glad to hear the new sunglasses are working out and that you’re enjoying your adventure so far 🙂

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