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Mountain Apple Crisp

We have been eating (and drinking) our way through as much local food as we can. There are a few farmers markets nearby, as well as some local vendors, that we try to frequent. It has also been fun to eat the bananas from the yard and pick the occasional lime.

Laie BeachWe were fortunate enough to run into a young German couple who were vacationing with their infant son. They were staying next door to us and after chatting for a bit we decided to cook a meal together. They would supply the meat and we would supply the not-meat. After a long day at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and then Punaluu Black Sand Beach we did our meal planing while driving back to the house.

Our feast ended up being sausages, pork, tossed salad, peanut noodles, homemade salsa (with chips), rosemary bread, a chardonnay, a local Belgium-style ale, and some mountain apple crisp. We ate and hung out until midnight. It was some of the most enjoyable conversation and food we have had in ages.