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Going to a waterfall

Yesterday I went to a waterfall with Mom, Dad, and Robin. You had to wear a lifejacket because the water was super deep. Here is a video of the waterfall.

I was really scared for the large drop and the whole thing. Robin had a great time and she made a new friend who helped her get over her fear of going under the waterfall and then jumping into the water. I went to get under the waterfall but I could not do it because the water was moving too fast. Getting in or out was the had part. While I was there with mom and dad, I was asked if it would be a good idea if they took my picture so I could have a new school picture.

The two of them must have taken 40 pictures of me. They will take the best one and make a couple of copies of that one picture. I was told to sit in some trees and they took some with my hat on and some with my hat off.

On are way out mom was talking to Robin’s friend’s mom and dad was tacking to friend’s uncle and the four of us plan to go to their house when we are back on Oahu. I had a great time at the waterfall but I am so happy that it is over.