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Going Shopping with Mom and Getting a Cold Drink


Yesterday Mom and I went out for a while, because if I don’t have something to do, I get bored and it bothers me if there is no routine. Mom and I went for a drive to get some groceries. When we were on our drive, Mom saw a little shop that had clod drinks. I got a chai tea freeze (a chai milk shake) and mom got a matcha freeze. Mom had asked the worker at Shark’s Hilo Coffee cafe  if they could tell her which of their coffee would make the best espresso. She also asked about a chocolate making course that was posted in the window. He told her that she had to put her name down so that they would know how to contact her for the next course. Mom and I had found the grocery store. Mom and I went for a stroll in the store.We get some food that we needed but mom could not get some non-dairy yogurt that she needs to eat. Mom and I got POG that is a kind of juice so that are not wondering anymore.

That night, I saw Mom and Dad playing darts but I was getting tired so mom had to come and put me to sleep. That is all for now.