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Getting Ready to go to the Big Island

Today I am moving from one island to another island. Hopefully, the next island’s bed will be a double bed and I won;t have to move beds. There is one bed for each room. The beds are king-size beds. I hope that Robin will not kick me too much. If she does I will tell her to stop kicking me.

There is a waterfall with a rope swing in to the water. I will go in to that waterfall and will have a lot of fun in the water.

Before I can get to the Big Island I will have to go by plane. When I come back it will be for two days and my family and I will go to see Anikka. We brought some maple syrup with us and we will give it to Anikka and her family. It will be nice to be in the AC for the car ride to the airport. We have a car in the Big Island too. I hope the the next house will have fans or AC.

It will be a lot of fun to be somewhere in the jungle. Hilo has fewer people then Charlottetown. It will be nice to be in smaller town. I will have a lot of fun in Hilo. I will tell you all about the Big Island. I hope I will get to the Zoo on the Big Island, and to the aquarium on that island too. That is all for now.