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Coming to the Big Island

big-islandYesterday I came by airplane to the island of Hawaii. Here is what you need to know if you have not gone by airplane. The cabin crew will run through the safety of the plane in English, French (in Canada) and sometimes they will do it in one more language. On this plane, they did it in Hawaiian. When Mom, Dad, Robin and I came to the big Island it was supper time, so it did not mess us up too much. On the way back it will be hard to get readjusted back to Halifax time. At least I will not be going back to school. If I was, I would have more freezes, more of whatever it is that looks like a seizure but is not, and I would have my hands over my ears a lot.

It will be July when I come back. The last trip I took was when I was in grade 8 and I went to Rome, London England, Berlin, Paris, Scotland, and Amsterdam. That was an 7 month trip. On the way back we stopped in Berlin again. This time it was for two week. Here is a picture of the apartment that I stayed in with my grandparents, my mom, my dad and Robin for fourteen days.

Now back to the Big Island. Mom had found a bakery that would sell her so food that was already cooked so that she did not have to cook supper last nigh. We have a car here too. I will show you a picture of the car. We will do a lot of hiking here and outdoor kinds of thing such as swimming, walking, hiking and so much more. I will have a lot of stories to tell everyone a school in September. I am coming home on July 11. Here is a picture that means July to me. The plane ride to the big Island was a lot shorter then I had thought it would be. I will tell you all more later but I want to stop writing right now.


July on PEI