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Back to the real world

The vacation is over. We are back on PEI and putting our home together. We have promised the girls a “second Christmas” celebration that has a real tree and not a picture of a tree on a chair in a hotel. For the most part, we are attempting to get back to a regular schedule and prepare for the start of school and all of the activities of everyday life.

This marks the end of the blog, at least for now. We have great plans for additional travels of the same sort. Our trip was a complete success beyond our expectations. There is no question of wanting to go again to a new place for an extended trip so the blog may be revived when we are able to travel again.

Until we travel again.

  1. It was a joy to dip into your family travel Blog over the last few months, thank you for sharing so many of your vivid, colourful and personal experiences, many will live in your minds and those of your followers here for a long time to come!

    Glad you’ve made it home safely in time for New Year 2011, may it bring you all good health, happiness and many more wonderful surprises!

    Oh yes, I look forward to the follow-up book, film and exhibitions 🙂

    Perhaps the owner of the locally well known coffee store on PEI will be inspired to take a similar trip and return to the Island with real coffee.

    Duncan x

  2. A great read, and sorry to see it end. If you have any, you really should post some pictures up of your travels, I bet they’d be a hit!

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