What I like about our second house

I like that Robin and I can go down to waterpoint playground whenever we want to. We have made some friends at waterpoint to play with. At our first house we had no grass to play on at our new house we have grass to play on. Our furniture is a lot comfier then in our old house. Robin and I don’t need to take the gravely path to get to waterpoint we can take the road. I like that the kitchen is bigger then our last one.

Romantic addressings

Yesterday at lunch we were interrupted by a knock at the front door. As it turns out, it was the mailman delivering a letter to

The Noye Family
(from Canada, living
back near Waterpoint)
Pier Road
C. Sligo

The address prompted a bit of a chat as he delivered the letter whereby I suspect he added us to the mental list of addresses he would storehouse until we left sometime next month.

The best part was that he was not at all surprised or in any way put out by the address. As I mentioned earlier, it is hard to know what the address of our house might be. The postmaster gave a couple of good guesses and my flippant remark about addressing a letter to the Canadians living near Waterpoint ended up working perfectly well. Notice that there were no numbers anywhere in the address.

The envelope and card inside were printed in a manner similar to the first sentence of Anne of Green Gables. If ever I were to fetishize printing and paper, this letter would the gateway drug into that dark world. After pouring over countless pages of laser-printed drek vomited onto dreary economical paper, I am taking a dangerous pleasure in cotton paper imprinted by an Adana Eight Five.

The sweet sting of salt

There is nothing like a fall wind blowing over ocean water to make me think of home. I was hoping to see somebody out sailing or surfing today as the wind was blowing like stink (I do not know the origin of the phrase but I like it–the wind was blowing very hard). There was nobody out on the water in my view. The waves were large and the whitecaps were blowing off the tops and spraying all across the bay. We had a salty and wind-blown afternoon.

My walk today was supposedly to buy some light bulbs and figure out what our address is in Enniscrone. The light bulbs were easy.

One might think that determining an address would be simple: just look at the number on the house and the name on the road sign. We have neither: the house has no number and the road has no sign. My solution, ingeniously, was to go to the post office and describe the house and ask what the address might be. We discussed it for a while and the gentleman (and there is only one) was unsure. I am not entirely sure what I am going to do about this.

There are two houses on the road and at the end there is the large swimming pool called Waterpoint. I looked up the address of Waterpoint and the address on its website is

Pier Rd
Co. Sligo

Unfortunately, Pier Rd was not the name of the road that the postmaster suggested. I will either go on the assumption that putting my name on the package will automatically deliver it to “the Canadian folks back by Waterpoint” (that would probably work) or I will ask if I can have a package delivered to Waterpoint in my name (which would probably work too).

I wandered a bit before I went to the post office to allow myself the view of the beach. It has been blowing hard here for two days (I would guess around 30kph) and this has made for large rolling waves and the aforementioned spray. I managed to walk for about 20 minutes in a direction that let me watch the beach. I eventually turned around and dropped into the hardware store and the post office.

Oh, the light bulbs were a bayonet-style base type of bulb. I had never seen them for larger bulbs before. These were only 40W but they came in higher values. Our house has both styles of bulbs in it.

We have been putting off going to Céide Fields for a couple of days because of the weather (wind and rain). I am determined to go tomorrow. We will see what determination will do if it is faced with more wind and rain.

Going to Waterpoint with Robin

Yesterday Robin and I went to Waterpoint alone for the first time without taking the gravel path. Mommy and Daddy stayed home. It was a great experience for Robin and I. At Waterpoint there were two birthday parties. The kids had to wear bracelets so I knew there were two birthday parties. Each party had a different colored bracelet. I don’t want to go to Waterpoint on the weekend again because it will be loud.

Moving Tomorrow!

We are moving to the house that is two doors down from Waterpoint. Today was our first time in the house near Waterpoint. The house is a lot nicer than the house we are staying in now. Robin and I will be able to walk to Waterpoint and not have to take the main street. We will be able to go all by ourselves.

I am very excited to move to a quiet neighborhood. We will be close to the beach and the grocery stores. We also have lots of room for company. If somebody wants to come we have space. In fact we have the house we are in today until the end of September too. So we will have two houses for a little while. So come visit us please.

Waiting For Supper

This afternoon we went to the pool. It was fun and I worked up a great appetite! Soon it is going to be really easy to go to the pool because we will be two doors down from Waterpoint.

Tonight we are having pasta for supper. While mom is making supper, Robin and I are watching “Relocation, Relocation, Relocation”. I am hungry for supper. I can’t wait for supper because we are having something yummy for me.

My favorite show that we have found is Super Nanny. (I haven’t gotten to watch very many shows though!) Super Nanny’s name is Jo Frost. She fixes families that are wrecked. Daddy doesn’t like the show because he thinks the families have bad parents! It makes him cross.

Houses, Houses, Houses

Hi it’s me again. We are going to move to a new house on Saturday. We had three options and we chose one of them. The first house is a beachfront house with a lovely little stretch of beach, a large amount of room inside, and a huge amount of room outside. There are one or two downsides though. One is we are no where near downtown. We would be the last house on a very long street. I don’t think there would be many kids out there.

Our next choice would have been a house near Waterpoint. It has lots of space to play and has the in town advantage of being close to everything. I like how close it is to Waterpoint, which means we could just go swimming by ourselves as long as we told everybody. We could also go down to a very close park right behind Waterpoint. The downside is there is not a very big back yard.

The last house is out near the golf course. It is quite a small house because it does not have an upstairs but the beds, I hear, are amazing. It has the advantage of having lots of kids near. It has a few downsides. It is inside a very out of town area and it looks to be noisy but not as noisy as the house we are in now. Another upside is that there is a large backyard unlike the other two houses. It is not attached to another house like the one we are in right now, but I think that environment would be too crowded for me.

I hoped we would move into the house near Waterpoint and my wish has been granted! We are going to move in on Saturday. I am very excited about this because that is the house I wanted to be in. The problem is tomorrow will be spent cleaning and packing again!

Moving to a new location

We might move to another location in Enniscrone. We have three choices to choose from.

The first one is near the golf course and it has a big back yard with grass. It is mainly a long hall with three bedrooms each with their own bathroom. There is one big main room that is the kitchen, living room and dining room.

The second house is on the ocean. It is the last house at the end of a street and the house is called “Land’s End”. If you have ever read about Gramma Dowdel in A Long Way from Chicago or A Year Down Yonder, it is like her house, the last house in town! We did not get to see inside, but outside was beautiful.

The last house is called Waterpoint and it is one house away from Waterpoint where we swim and play. This house has a great yard and looked nice from the windows. We did not get to see inside because there are people staying there until Friday.

I hope we move into the house that is close to Waterpoint because it will be a nice place to walk to Waterpoint and stores.


When we go to Waterpoint we have to wear a bathing cap. I did not like this idea in the beginning but Mom said “If you want to go swimming, you have to wear a bathing cap!”. So I wear a bathing cap. I like the huge water slide that goes outside the building and back inside to end. It starts inside too.

To get into Waterpoint you have to write your name and membership number and if you are going to the pool, the gym, or both. I can’t go into the gym yet because I am not 16. You also have to be 16 to go into the hot tub or the sauna.

I am swimming at the pool as well as playing. I like the pool and especially the water slide.

Arriving in Ireland

On Monday the 23rd we arrived in Ireland. We arrived in Dublin and drove to Enniscrone. After we landed in Dublin we had to go to a car lot to pick up our car. A van came to pick us up and took us to where we could pick up our car.If you come to Ireland you have to learn how to drive on the opposite side of the road.

Our house is on a street called The Dunes in Enniscrone. We are staying in a townhouse. There is a basketball court around the corner from our house. Robin and I kick a soccer ball and play games in the court.

The three girls have gone to Waterpoint in the morning and the evening for a couple of days. Waterpoint is a big indoor swimming pool with a gym attached. There is a really fast waterslide that goes down. If you lay on your back you will swish from side to side and sometimes hit the side of the waterslide. There is also something different from back at home. There is no lifeguard; there is only a light that tells you when you can go down. The water slide is a tube and part of the tube goes outside of the building. You never leave the water slide tube until you hit the water.

If you have hair and you want to swim, you have to have a bathing cap or you are not allowed. The bathing caps don’t stick. They are not rubber or plastic. They are made out of some sort of cloth. They are a lot easier to put on to your head. Last night Robin and I went into the pool by ourselves. Mommy went to get library passes for everybody in our family.

I am looking forward to going to the library just to see what it is like for book selection. My favorite thing is finding a shortcut to Waterpoint. We found that this morning.