I Shall Wear Midnight

When I heard a book by Terry Pratchett for the first time I that it was silly. When you can, read the book and I hope you will laugh. There are these little men that say crivens and one time they said cock-a-doodle-crivens. I hope whoever reads them or listens to them will laugh at what they say.

A new Terry Pratchett book

A few days ago my dad told me that thir is a new Terry Pratchett book out. The main character is Tiffany and it is called  I Shall Wear Midnight. I can’t wait to know more about it. What I know is that it has the Nak Mak Feegules in it and Tiffany becomes a very good witch. My dad is looking for it for me. I really hope he can find it so I can hear it. Right now I’m reading Wintersmith which is a very good book. I think you should read it instead of me writing a long summary; but I will write a small summery now.

Wintersmith is about Tiffany learning to be a witch by traveling to many different witches. I just passed the part about when the witch she was working with died. Which, in fact, was my favorite part because she toyed with the locales by pretending to be dead when she was not; but Tiffany was not fooled, which was neat. 

Thats it, robin 🙂

Waahaaaa … chooooo

That was fast. Three out of the four of us have come down with a rather nasty cold. Everybody is barking like herd of lovelorn elephant seals in the December. We did manage to get into Ballina to do some shopping. I got new underwear. Something a person may not consider on a trip is the wear and tear on the few pairs of underwear that one takes. Today, to me, getting new underwear is a big deal.

We also lost an iPhone recently. The biggest effect that this has had on us is that one of the girls was having a more difficult time listening to music when everybody went to sleep. We also bought a new older model iPod at a small store in Ballina and both girls are resting happily with their own music.

Because of the aches and sneezes we did very little other than read and eat. Not the worst thing that can happen. It is an incredible luxury to have the option. As a “present” to the girls for coming out to Ballina we found a four-euro movie by Walt Disney that featured The Rock and was every bit as bad as it sounds. Both girls enjoyed watching it and this gave Jan and I some time to go to bed and nap. Apparently we are not above plugging our kids into a television to allow us to get some sleep. I am not proud of this; I am just better rested.

On the other hand, we are reading Wintersmith by Terry Pratchett at the moment and Janet and Robin are taking turns reading aloud for each other and anybody else who wants to listen. Anne Frank’s diary is also on the reading list. It is quite long but the girls are about halfway through it. Unless there is a major change in the “not feeling well” crowd I am anticipating a very similar day for tomorrow.

Part 7 of A Hat Full of Sky

Things have started disappearing from the village such as clothes a beard, shoes, gloves and some other stuff too. In the bushes, the feegls who where wearing all the things that had being stolen–they looked like a scarecrow–they got to the mountains by going on the carrier’s cart and a stagecoach. They paid with pure gold.

Tiffany is learning that witchcraft is harder than she thought. She hates that she can’t even make a shambles. Which most young witches can make; so she is very unhappy. She just gets a tangle of thread and egg when she tries to make a shambles. Anoter young witch invited her to a meeting in the woods. 

I don’t know what happens in the woods I will tell you when I know (because I really want to know)

Part 6 of A Hat Full of Sky

Tiffany was realizing that being a witch means you get more work instead of less. You don’t use your magic unless you really need to. Tiffany has been doing more work with helping everybody with injures and then get food for it. 

At the mound, Rob Anybody was telling the clan that he needed volunteers to save Tiffany from the Hiver and immediately all the feegles put their hands up. Rob chose 5 feegles and then said “i’ll take the last 50 men standing after the fight is done.”

I want to know what happens next just as much as you!

Part 5 of A Hat Full of Sky

Rob Anybody was sitting on the mound when the kelda, Jeannie, came up to talk to him about his behavior. He would not take  a drink of special sheep lineament and everybody said he was dead! Which to me is very funny because if I said no to something that I eat every day they would say I’m dead. 

 Jeannie said, as his wife, please stay; I don’t want you tryng to kill something that can’t die. Then as the kelda, she said for him to go and that was an order. Jeannie then told him why he should come back and the reason was that she was going to have seven sons and one daughter . Feegle women are rare, so hearing that is very good luck!

Part 4 of A Hat Full of Sky

In this chapter, Tiffany is at Miss Level’s and she is just waking up from having a night’s sleep. When she woke up she got dressed and put on the necklace that Roland gave her. Roland is a boy from The Wee Free Men who is the Baron’s son. The reason Roland is important in this book is because in The Wee Free Men Tiffany rescued him from the land of the fairy Queen. Back at home, everybody seems to have gotten it into their heads that he had rescued her. But Roland and Tiffany know the difference that she rescued him. I think the reason that Roland gave her the necklace is he want to “be even” for all his father’s gossip.

Tiffany wanted to see how the necklace looked on her but there were no mirrors, not even a small one. She used the “see me” spell and the Hiver knew where she was again. This is quite bad because a Hiver can hurt a person. It won’t hurt a person physically but mentally she will be quite hurt because a Hiver takes over the personality and forces her to be strong-willed, hurt others around her, and generally be a bad person.

After she had gotten completely ready for the day, she made up her own small experiment. She moved the candlestick from the bedside table over to the chest of drawers and turned her back. Pretty soon, the candlestick moved from the chest of drawers to the bedside table. And nobody touched it; it just floated in air over there. Then she went downstairs into the kitchen. On her way she saw a lot of circus posters. Most of them had the act of Tipsy and Topsy, the amazing mind-reading sisters.

When she got down to the kitchen, it was too tidy. The drawer for utensils was completely neat. Most cupboards she had seen had other things crammed in there other than spoons forks and knives. Most of them had slightly-too-big ladles, bent soup-can openers, and lots of things that didn’t fit. Then she did another experiment. She moved one of the spoons into the fork section, closed the door, and turned her back. The drawer slid open, the spoon was removed from the forks and was moved back with the other spoons and the drawer was closed. Then she did another experiment by moving one of the forks in with the knives; she closed the drawer and leaned against it. For a few minutes nothing happened. Then the whole counter started to shake faster and faster until she said “Okay, you win.” and released the drawer. The the drawer flew open, the fork jumped back in with the other forks, and then it slammed shut. Something was angry at her.

Then she went outside to the garden where she stayed for a while until she was sure the thing was not mad at her anymore. Then she went back inside to find Miss Level sitting at the kitchen table. And, with her was Miss Level. Two Miss Level’s were sitting at the kitchen table. The first Miss. Level said “Well, I thought it was a good time to tell you that I am one person with two bodies.” Miss Level then got into a lot of stories and one of them was about Tipsy and Topsy, the amazing mind-reading act. She would read her own mind, which everybody thought was amazing. Eventually, when all the stories had ended, she asked if Tiffany had anymore questions. Tiffany said “Who is the thing that keeps moving things about?” It turned out that it was a spirit who was absolutely nutty about keeping things tidy. Miss Level (both of them) called him Oswald because that is what they think of when they think of his personality.

I really liked the chapter because it answered a lot of the questions I had in my mind such as “Why do the Nac Mac Feegles not want the Hiver to get Tiffany?” and “What was the ‘two noses’ that was mentioned in the last chapter name?” I Tiffany feels quite good because she now knows answers and Tiffany really likes answers.

Part 3 of A Hat Full of Sky

This chapter was about Miss Level. I like that her broomstick looks like a bundle of wood. I think that they could have given a better description of Miss Level because they just tell you that she looks like Miss Tick but with a lot more jewelry so you don’t get a good description. 

The Hiver is in this part too he gets Tiffany but he dose not  keep her because she said see me not in the nick of time. If a hiver was after me I think that he would have got me.

Tiffany is scared of heights but she doen’t know it. So, when she had to fly on a broomstick she felt sick–like me on plane but I bet I would fell really sick!

Part 2 of A Hat Full of Sky

Kelda Jeannie brought writing to the Nac Mac Feegles because she is from the Long Lake clan who thinks that writing is important. So she made Rob Anybody write his name on a bill. When he had finished Big Yan and No’-As-Big-As-Medium-Sized-Jock-But-Bigger-Than-Wee-Jock-Jock came in and told him about the Hiver chasing Tiffany! Tiffany is leaving the chalk and the Nac Mac Feegles to live with a witch on the hills and mountains so she will learn to do proper witching.

A Hat Full of Sky – Part 1

A Hat Full of Sky
by Terry Pratchett

When I first heard the start of A Hat Full of Sky, I found it very different from The Wee Free Men. The start of the book has something looking for a body because the last body died. You don’t know what is looking for a body. I didn’t like that it chose Tiffany. Choosing Tiffany was to make it a better story.

The Nac Mac Feegle are the “wee free men” who are six inches tall, dyed blue with tattoos, red hair, and wearing kilts (and maybe a rabbit skull helmet). They are always watching Tiffany to protect her because she was their kelda, which means leader. It was funny because they where always there and they might watch her when she may not want them to! Miss Tick thinks that Tiffany is ready to be a proper witch.  I think that Miss Tick is right that she should be a good witch, because she is learning magic by herself–even though she doesn’t know if it is safe! 

The only spell that Tiffany has done is “see me” and “see me not.” When she says “see me” she closes her eyes and steps out of her body and is a ghost until she says ” see me not.” Then she returns to being a human. I think that the thing on the mountain found her while she did that spell.