Swimming in a Waterfall

I love swimming, I have been trying to go swimming once or twice a day. The places I am swimming most commonly is Sunset Beach. Robin WaterfallBut, I recently went for a swim in a waterfall’s pool. This was the first time I ever went swimming in a waterfall. Anyone who went swimming there had the option of jumping off the waterfall, so long as they didn’t go to high. I obviously did so. It took me a long time to be able to climb the waterfall. I tried four times with no success. Then a girl there showed me where to grab so I could hold on through the current. It took me a few more tries before I got it right but I did it, after many scrapes and bruises from falling and slipping. Ow. But, it was worth it. Once I knew how, I wouldn’t stop. I jumped off at least ten times–probably more. It was so much fun, especially because I would sink with a life vest on.

While in the pool, everybody had to wear a life vest because at it’s deepest the pool is about thirty feet deep. The girl who showed me how to climb the waterfall was really kind and we ended up talking for most the rest of the time we spent swimming. I stayed in until we were both told to get out. If I could, I would go back again. But, unfortunately, we are leaving Oahu and won’t go back. But the girl and I may meet up again and we made plans to get in touch when we are back in Oahu in two weeks. The whole experience was incredible and irreplaceable, at least in my opinion.

Swimming with Dolphins

At the risk of becoming the most cliche of all tourists, we went swimming with dolphins. The thing is, it really was amazing. We woke up before 6:00 am and drove across Oahu to Wild Side Specialty Tours. The trip we booked was the Deluxe Wildlife Charter where, if fortunate, we would be able to see and snorkel with dolphins, sea turtles, and some reef fish. We were very fortunate.

One of the aspects of Wild Side Specialty Tours that attracted us was their focus on “intimate, ecologically friendly, nature-minded” experiences. There was no guarantee that we would see anything. We were looking for Spinner dolphins. They are nocturnal and would be coming in to shallower waters to rest for the day. The days is their chilling-out time. If we did see dolphins, we would try to swim with them but, we were not to be an irritant. This was also somewhat selfish because as long as they were not irritated (no splashing, crowding, or definitely touching) they would not swim away from us.

We saw them and went in the water. Robin and I were very early in and we got so see about ten of them swimming away. It was really cool, but they were on their way. We climbed back on the boat and planned to go snorkelling on a nearby reef. Just as we were turning the boat, the entire pod started circling back. A quick vote and we were back in the water. This time we swam an intersection course to where we thought the pod wold be heading. It was perfect. Robin and I swam in the middle of the pod.

In. the. middle. of. the. pod.

Looking to the right I saw a calf swimming with an adult, so close as to be touching fins. But, there was almost too much to see. There were dozens of dolphins all around us. It lasted for about five minutes as the pod slowly outpaced us and were gone.

Swimming on the reef afterwards was spectacularly colourful, and yet, a bit of an anticlimax. Our whole family got in for the reef swim. Sarah and I followed a sea turtle for a while so close that we almost bumped into him when he came to the surface.

As tour page says: “Life Uncaged – In Their World, on Their Terms”. I will remember the dolphins for a very long time.

Going to Waterpoint with Robin

Yesterday Robin and I went to Waterpoint alone for the first time without taking the gravel path. Mommy and Daddy stayed home. It was a great experience for Robin and I. At Waterpoint there were two birthday parties. The kids had to wear bracelets so I knew there were two birthday parties. Each party had a different colored bracelet. I don’t want to go to Waterpoint on the weekend again because it will be loud.


When we go to Waterpoint we have to wear a bathing cap. I did not like this idea in the beginning but Mom said “If you want to go swimming, you have to wear a bathing cap!”. So I wear a bathing cap. I like the huge water slide that goes outside the building and back inside to end. It starts inside too.

To get into Waterpoint you have to write your name and membership number and if you are going to the pool, the gym, or both. I can’t go into the gym yet because I am not 16. You also have to be 16 to go into the hot tub or the sauna.

I am swimming at the pool as well as playing. I like the pool and especially the water slide.

Week four once again

The secret project is turning into the secret bane of my existence. I am starting week 4 again. I cannot break the barrier of this week’s schedule.

Today we planned to go for a morning swim but the pool has just changed to a different schedule now that school has begun. We missed the morning swim. Instead the girls and I went to the playground behind the pool where they played on the equipment and I sat in the sun. I am good at that. It was much warmer today than it was when the picture on the left-hand side was taken.

Eventually, because else was in the playground, I did my pushups in the playground. Once again I am ploughing through. This may be the longest six-week program in the world.

Arriving in Ireland

On Monday the 23rd we arrived in Ireland. We arrived in Dublin and drove to Enniscrone. After we landed in Dublin we had to go to a car lot to pick up our car. A van came to pick us up and took us to where we could pick up our car.If you come to Ireland you have to learn how to drive on the opposite side of the road.

Our house is on a street called The Dunes in Enniscrone. We are staying in a townhouse. There is a basketball court around the corner from our house. Robin and I kick a soccer ball and play games in the court.

The three girls have gone to Waterpoint in the morning and the evening for a couple of days. Waterpoint is a big indoor swimming pool with a gym attached. There is a really fast waterslide that goes down. If you lay on your back you will swish from side to side and sometimes hit the side of the waterslide. There is also something different from back at home. There is no lifeguard; there is only a light that tells you when you can go down. The water slide is a tube and part of the tube goes outside of the building. You never leave the water slide tube until you hit the water.

If you have hair and you want to swim, you have to have a bathing cap or you are not allowed. The bathing caps don’t stick. They are not rubber or plastic. They are made out of some sort of cloth. They are a lot easier to put on to your head. Last night Robin and I went into the pool by ourselves. Mommy went to get library passes for everybody in our family.

I am looking forward to going to the library just to see what it is like for book selection. My favorite thing is finding a shortcut to Waterpoint. We found that this morning.

Krumme Lanke Attempts 1 & 2

The first day we arrived in Berlin it was very hot so we asked the lady we were renting our apartment from if there were places we could swim. She mentioned Krumme Lanke, one of the popular swimming places in Berlin. Although the weather continued to be beautiful it took us until Monday to actually head out.

Our first trip to Krumme Lanke was just a scouting trip. Sarah and Robin and I took a ride out on the subway to see if it might be a good place for us to go later. The weather had finally stopped being sunny and it looked like it might rain at when we left, hence at the decision not to go for a swim.

We rode to the end of U3, Krumme Lanke and walked about a kilometer to the actual lake. Along the way the houses were beautiful and often located behind intricate steel gates – form and function, the Germans are masters at this.

The lake was beautiful, not really any beach to speak of, but people were jumping and diving right from at the side of the lake. Robin and Sarah were getting excited. We took a bit farther walk and found a place where people could climb up a tree and jump into the lake. The girls are now really upset that this is just a scouting trip. Of course, the sun has come out and threat of rain is gone and Mom is looking like a bit of an ogre for not allowing bathing suits. After an ice cream to soothe the injustices of it all, we head back with promises to return soon.

Tuesday evening was very similar to Monday evening when we first ventured to the lake. The clouds we grey, the wind was up, but the girls still had visions of jumping into the lake. Assuming that the weather was just funning with us, it had threatened a few time, but had not shed a drop since we had arrived in Berlin, we headed back to the lake. Unfortunately, this time it did rain. Robin describes the disappointment in her post “Lake let down.” Fortunately, this time it was not my fault and we promised again to go to the lake as soon as it was nice enough.

As fate would have it, Wednesday was sunny but cool. Today promises to be nice so we are all writing our posts and then heading back to the lake. With any luck there will soon be tales of swimming and jumping and not of woe and disappointment.