Out to Foodland and to get a Cool drink

Yesterday I went out with mom. We went for a drive. The car is very hot so you have to put on the AC to 70 or high 60s to keep you cool. When we were in the car we stopped at a Foodland and went in to pick up some groceries. It was really cool in the store. I did not what to leave the store, but I did when mom said that it was time to leave. Then went for a drive in the car. When we got to a spot that sold cool drinks, mom and I went in to get a drink. I got a pineapple smoothy and mom got a cold coffee.

Robin and mom went to a beach. I said no because I have a bad sunburn on my feet. It is from the boat expedition to watch the dolphins. I will go to the beach today and I will be careful on how mach sun I get. Foodland reminds me of a grocery store that is not Costco. The cart are a good size for me to push. That is great for me. That is all for now.

Out to see the Sea Life

Yesterday I went out on a sea adventure to go snorkelling. I sow coral, bright fish and a sea turtle. I did not go into the water when the dolphins came by.

Spinner dolphinsI got to have some pineapple drink and a mango drink they where both really great. There was a lot of bright fish and lots of colourful coral. I got to see the dolphins play. It was really amazing to see. I will get some pictures from the outing and put then up for you all to see.

You had to take off your footwear before you could get onto the boat. When I was coming off the boat the dock was rally hot under my feet and I had to walk along the dock back and I did not put my shoes back on until we were off of the dock.

The ocean life was really great to see. I won’t forget that outing for a long time. I hope that we can go into the water some but it wont be with the motorboat guys again, and that will be too bad. There was a lot of hassle to get onto this sea excursion but with a lot of hassle we got to go out to see the dolphins. We got giving lunch on the boat after everyone was back on to the boat. Here are some pictures of the sea life and a link to the site that mom found the dolphin swim. When I got home I had a sunburn on both of my feet. It was a lot of fun and exiting to see and be in the water.

Swimming with Dolphins

At the risk of becoming the most cliche of all tourists, we went swimming with dolphins. The thing is, it really was amazing. We woke up before 6:00 am and drove across Oahu to Wild Side Specialty Tours. The trip we booked was the Deluxe Wildlife Charter where, if fortunate, we would be able to see and snorkel with dolphins, sea turtles, and some reef fish. We were very fortunate.

One of the aspects of Wild Side Specialty Tours that attracted us was their focus on “intimate, ecologically friendly, nature-minded” experiences. There was no guarantee that we would see anything. We were looking for Spinner dolphins. They are nocturnal and would be coming in to shallower waters to rest for the day. The days is their chilling-out time. If we did see dolphins, we would try to swim with them but, we were not to be an irritant. This was also somewhat selfish because as long as they were not irritated (no splashing, crowding, or definitely touching) they would not swim away from us.

We saw them and went in the water. Robin and I were very early in and we got so see about ten of them swimming away. It was really cool, but they were on their way. We climbed back on the boat and planned to go snorkelling on a nearby reef. Just as we were turning the boat, the entire pod started circling back. A quick vote and we were back in the water. This time we swam an intersection course to where we thought the pod wold be heading. It was perfect. Robin and I swam in the middle of the pod.

In. the. middle. of. the. pod.

Looking to the right I saw a calf swimming with an adult, so close as to be touching fins. But, there was almost too much to see. There were dozens of dolphins all around us. It lasted for about five minutes as the pod slowly outpaced us and were gone.

Swimming on the reef afterwards was spectacularly colourful, and yet, a bit of an anticlimax. Our whole family got in for the reef swim. Sarah and I followed a sea turtle for a while so close that we almost bumped into him when he came to the surface.

As tour page says: “Life Uncaged – In Their World, on Their Terms”. I will remember the dolphins for a very long time.

First Dip

We dragged our bodies across seven time zones and dumped them just outside the town of Laie, Hawaii. My alarm clock went off telling me to get up for work just as I was falling into bed. Alarm was stifled and bed was heavenly. A mere five hours later I was roused by what I would have sworn was a rooster.

Turns out it was a rooster. He had friends, or perhaps they were his rivals. I am thinking rivals as they proceeded to crow in the morning with roughy the same enthusiasm that I was reserving to hunt them down. Fortunately, exhaustion overcame cock-a-doodle-doo-ing and vengeful thoughts and my next consciousness thoughts came at 11:30 when I woke up to a chilled coconut with a straw in it. Life is good.

Laie BeachA quick bowl of beef curry and back to sleep until just after 3:00.

You may have noticed that there was some magic there. Coconut and beef curry magic came courtesy of Janet and the girls. While I slept, they were getting food (and jewelry?) and touring the area. They also found beaches.

Actually, finding a beach in Hawaii is a lot like finding red mud on PEI.

Jan and I took a walk along Laie Beach Park before supper and it is beautiful. Search for words, think of superlatives, looking at the white sand wrapping rolling waves against a mountainous backdrop can give pause to curmudgeon or poet. We stopped to talk with a couple of guys who were fishing in the surf (catching nothing but a cold–fishing humour is universal). They told us a little about the area and were jealous of us going to the Big Island as, apparently, there are lots of fish there.

Just before bedtime all four of us took a five minute walk to Hukilau Beach and played in the waves. I was remained of every trip to the north shore of PEI as a kid, but with warmer water. I played. The waves were very big and we were tossed around like pale buoys as we body-surfed and swallowed sand.

It will take more than roosters to rouse us tomorrow.

Starting a New Adventure

It’s been four years since we last travelled and now we are starting a new journey. My family and I are staying in Hawaii for a month. Yesterday and the day before we got all the flights out of the way and we are now on Oahu. It’s a given that jetlag really sucks, my body is telling me to wake up at four in the morning here instead of ten as it would have been in Halifax.

After I woke up way too early at five am, Sarah, mom and I went down and saw the beach. Wow. That is the one word I can think of too describe it; the water was warm and the temperature warranted shorts and a tank top. One thing that truly amazed me is that the water was so clear and clean and I could see there was almost no pollution. As we were walking other people were walking, running and fishing along the coast. It was incredible to see all the coral which had broken off and washed ashore. To be honest I never knew how coral was meant too look, I thought it was bright vibrant reds and oranges. Instead it was a dullish gray and white.

imgresIt’s a very hot day today so we spent most of it inside where it is cool. I personally slept a lot after we got back from the beach. I only really left around ten to go with mom to get groceries. While we were at the store there were wild chickens. There are a lot of new birds around, almost all of which I haven’t seen prior to today. I saw a lot of birds but couldn’t even start to put names to them – except for the chickens. We walked a bit today and that’s when I saw many of these birds. In Halifax the only birds I really see are seagulls, pigeons, and starlings. Here there is a huge variety of birds.

While we were walking both times, I noticed that there are almost no sidewalks. The only time I saw a side walk was over a bridge and at busy street crossings. This strikes me as odd, mostly everywhere in Halifax has sidewalks. This really makes me wonder whether they are necessary. Yes in many places we are kept safe because of them but I was not killed walking today.

I really hope that at some point today we will get to go swimming at the beach. If not today, then tomorrow. It would be really cool if we could swim once in the morning before breakfast and once in the evening after supper each day. We can’t really swim mid-morning to mid-afternoon because the sun’s rays would be too direct, and we would be burnt to a crisp (metaphorically speaking).

Out to the Beach and wanting to eat that bird for a meal!


Yesterday I went to the beach and put my feet in to the water for Ms. Barkhouse. The water felt nice and warm. Here is a picture of the water for you all to see. Then that night, I went back to the beach with my mom, Robin and my father and we were all playing in the waves. Robin and Dad where surfing in the waves. My dad would like to learn how to surf and I think Robin would to join him in the lessons. The waves were really strong and kept pulling me under the water.
Yesterday I went out with mom for a while. We got a chicken for a meal to make my dad laugh because he said that he wanted to eat the bird that would not stop making noise outside. So mom and I what to the grocery store and when saw a chicken so we bought it. Then we went for a drive and we stopped at a restaurant and went inside to get some food. When we were inside, Mom saw the loco moco. I did not get that dish. If anyone does not know what it is, here is what it is. It is hamburger patties top with fried eggs and it get better; macaroni salad and rice. That does not sound as though it is a delish dish. If you come to Hawaii, I would not recommend that you get it to eat. Order the dish and take a picture of it then leave that dish alone! Here is the Hawaii song that I wrote with Anna who is my music therapist. That is all for now.

Mom and dad joked that the roosters in the morning made them think of a song called “The call of the wrecking ball” by a band called X. They even played the song for Robin and me.

Getting ready for Hawaii

imgresI may go to Hawaii for four weeks. I will go on a plane with my father for the long ride. I have found out that mom has arranged for a dolphin watching outing. I think that it will be a lot of fun to go and watch the dolphins playing in the water. I hope that there is not a touch tank at any spot we go to. We will be staying at a hotel in Vancouver for one day. We will get in at night and arrive in Hawaii the next night. It will be in the high 20s or the low 30s. I can’t wait to go and see everything. I will not get the loco moco but I will have some fresh fruit such as pineapple, bananas, and apples. It will be a lot of fun when I am away.

Here is a link to a video of spinner dolphins.

Back to the real world

The vacation is over. We are back on PEI and putting our home together. We have promised the girls a “second Christmas” celebration that has a real tree and not a picture of a tree on a chair in a hotel. For the most part, we are attempting to get back to a regular schedule and prepare for the start of school and all of the activities of everyday life.

This marks the end of the blog, at least for now. We have great plans for additional travels of the same sort. Our trip was a complete success beyond our expectations. There is no question of wanting to go again to a new place for an extended trip so the blog may be revived when we are able to travel again.

Until we travel again.

A Christmas present

I called Air Canada and the person to whom I spoke (Neil) found us a flight today back to Halifax. We are on the way to the airport in 15 minutes. The vacation has been over for a few days (mentally–there was no stopping that). We should be home tomorrow some time. Phew.

I’m coming home

I am coming home tomorrow. I have enjoyed my time away but I am happy to be coming home because it is time to go home. I have learned how to cook on a fire lit stove. It is not as easy it sounds you have to watch out for a flame and not put anything near the flame or it will catch fire. I can’t wait to go back to school and see you all again. I have to go because it is time to go on the plane see you all again soon.

I can’t wait to see you again.