Not inspired by Walt Disney

I had known that, in Ireland, fairies are common. Let me rephrase that; people take fairies (at least somewhat) seriously. I would never have believed this except for a conversation we had this morning with the lady that manages and is the caretaker of the house in which we are staying. She dropped over this morning to tell us that today is garbage day and explain how garbage pickup works in this neck of the woods. The short form is that you must pay to have garbage picked up because you must pay for the bags and the waste-disposal services will only collect the special bags.

That has nothing to do with fairies. The topic of fairies came up in the subsequent conversation over a piece of Robin’s carrot cake (there was unanimous agreement on its deliciousness). We began talking about the beauty of the land in this area–it is among the most beautiful places in Ireland with its mountains, beaches, and rolling hills. It is also littered with falling down castles and archeological artifacts. There are formations nearby that are thousands of years old and predate Stonehenge.

In the course of our discussion, as casual as you please, our caretaker mentions that there were a couple of sites just beyond her backyard about five minutes away. Yeah, and every once in a while a bunch of them archeologists drop by and sometimes tourists to take look at them. Turns out they are large communal circles inside which groups of family would live. But, for years, people believed they were fairy mounds (fairy forts) and never touched them.

She was dead serious. These mounds existed because no farmer would farm the area and disturb the rocks. Nobody would build there. nobody would even go and play there. This was a place where the fairies lived and it was not to be disturbed. These mounds were left virtually untouched for all those years (from late Iron Age to early Christian times) until now because people were afraid of messing with fairies. This is no namby-pamby set of beliefs. And these are not your Disney fairies either.

Instead of doing a lot of my school work today I spent a couple of hours looking up Irish folklore and fairies. As one might imagine, the history of fairies begins early and changes with the introduction of Christianity, which was unable to remove the fairy folklore. There are lots of Irish fairies and Irish Fairy Tales. It is enjoyable to read about the superstitions around fairies and to realize that while people may not really believe in the tales, I suspect that more than a few choose not to anger the wee folk whenever possible. After all, the caretaker’s two fairy mounds remained untouched for hundreds of years.

In case you are wandering about, I will leave you with a field guide to Irish fairies to help you identify the common types and their behaviour.

The mystery movie answer

Hello I’m sorry I’m late to tell you the answer the movie is Mr. Bean’s Holoday!!!!!

Sorry for the delay 🙂

The main reason we bought this movie was that Sarah was feeling sick at the time. Mommy and I thought that making her laugh with Mr. Bean would be a good idea. Another reason is, my family LOVES watching Mr. Bean. I love it too.

A recipe for a delicious meal

Tonight for supper we made a cross between curry and casserole which is my own creation. Here is the recipe.

Cooked Macaroni
Lightly cooked Cauliflower
Cheddar cheese (Irish red cheddar)
Double cream half fat
Left over cooked chicken
Sauce – you can buy one that you like or make ours

Sauce recipe
Fry two large, minced cloves of garlic and three chopped shallots in olive oil. When starting to turn golden, add a heaping tablespoon of curry paste. We used a mild paste so that I would like it. Fry for a minute or two until it smells really good. Add four chopped tomatoes and cook, stirring often until the tomatoes are all mushy. Add a can of coconut milk and stir. Let it simmer for 5-10 minutes.

Curry / casserole recipe

Put a little bits of macaroni into a casserole dish unlit the bottom is covered. Add the cauliflower on top of the macaroni and add a little bit of macaroni on top. Then add your chicken as the next layer, then add the rest of the macaroni. Dump your sauce on top of everything. Drizzle on 2 ounces of cream in a spiral. Put the grated cheddar cheese on top and cook.

We cooked for half and hour at 180 degrees celcius. That is 350 degrees F on our stove at home until the cheese was bubbly and starting to brown.

Making Lasagna Ireland

Today I am going to make lasagna  for supper for my mother. Robin and my mother are gone to a fair and I am back at the house because the fair would be too loud.  Robin brought me treat back from the fair. After awhile, Robin and my father went to the fair.  Mom and I stayed back and made supper for Robin and my father when they got back from the fair.  We made lasagna and Robin also had a cake already made.   I had a great evening and a great time at the house too.

Week four once again

The secret project is turning into the secret bane of my existence. I am starting week 4 again. I cannot break the barrier of this week’s schedule.

Today we planned to go for a morning swim but the pool has just changed to a different schedule now that school has begun. We missed the morning swim. Instead the girls and I went to the playground behind the pool where they played on the equipment and I sat in the sun. I am good at that. It was much warmer today than it was when the picture on the left-hand side was taken.

Eventually, because else was in the playground, I did my pushups in the playground. Once again I am ploughing through. This may be the longest six-week program in the world.

Anne Frank’s Diary

For a while we have been reading Anne Frank’s diary. Her diary is much better than I thought it would be. I thought it would be telling about what happened during the concentration camps. She died at the second camp she was at.

Anne’s diary talks about when her family and another family were in hiding from the Nazis. I know about the Nazis from The Sound of Music because they were trying to force Captain Von Trapp to join the Nazis and that is why the von Trapp family had to escape from Austria. I think that The Sound of Music is an amazing story telling. We have a new copy of the movie that has a sing-a-long option and I choose it a lot! The of my family sometimes think I am crazy!

The cake

Yesterday I made a cake for a county fair. It rained too much today to go to the fair on time to enter the cake 🙁 but that does mean we get to eat it 🙂 this post is not about that though, it is about me making and decorating my cake! 

I made a carrot cake with creme cheese icing mmmmmmmmmm I forgot to write a post yesterday so I made a new design that has a tulip in the center picture here.

I made my cake on my own my mom just separated the eggs for me and put it in the oven. The recipe is in most cook books if you don’t have a recipe go to and google good carrot cake recipes.   

 My mom made the icing for me but I did all the decorating on my own with a spoon which is why I changed the design to the tulip. The recipe is very easy and you make the normal icing with cream cheese in it. 

What’s your favorite kind of cake? Leave me a comment!!!!!!!!! Please 😉 Robin     

If I knew you were comin’

The last two days have been domestic bliss for me. I am back in the saddle working on school work and I have been pampered more than is decent.

  • Janet made homemade chicken soup with local vegetables (delicious)
  • Janet also made homemade beef stew (also delicious)
  • Robin made and decorated a carrot cake for the agricultural fair happening tomorrow (not allowed to find out if it is delicious … it looks like it is)

We are also having the girls go out more by themselves. Robin has been going to the nearby store by herself to buy some of the groceries. Both girls are wandering about the neighbourhood to play in the nearby basketball court.

Less than a week and it is feeling pretty comfortable around here.

3 days worth of post

This is my first post from Enniscrone because at the beginning we had no Internet and this is the first day with it.  I will try to make up for all the days I lost.  On the second day we got here we found a brochure talking about a fair.  I am thinking of entering a decorated party cake.  The picture I am thinking of is the exact picture that is on the Prince Edward Island pin.  If you think of a better design, please write a comment by tomorrow.

We are in an area of Ireland with lots of kids but so far we have been outsiders and nobody has tried to get to know us.  By the end of the three months I think I will have a new pen pal.  So far I have not seen many kids at all.  I hope, and so does my family, that kids will start coming near us in about a weeks time.

Having no kids around means that we have been spending more time inside the house 🙂 so we got a new movie to watch.  I won’t write down the title but if you think you know what it is, leave me a comment.  I will write in my next post what the title is and who got it right, but if you want to remain anonymous I won’t add in your name:). The movie has somebody who is very famous in cartoons and the person goes on a holiday and ends up having not the holiday he expected.

I am sorry about the delay in posting.  We are going to start back with the everyday writing so try to read everyday and I will try to post.

( if someone doesn’t get it by Monday I will tell you) (NO HINTS!!!!!!!!)      

Arriving in Ireland

On Monday the 23rd we arrived in Ireland. We arrived in Dublin and drove to Enniscrone. After we landed in Dublin we had to go to a car lot to pick up our car. A van came to pick us up and took us to where we could pick up our car.If you come to Ireland you have to learn how to drive on the opposite side of the road.

Our house is on a street called The Dunes in Enniscrone. We are staying in a townhouse. There is a basketball court around the corner from our house. Robin and I kick a soccer ball and play games in the court.

The three girls have gone to Waterpoint in the morning and the evening for a couple of days. Waterpoint is a big indoor swimming pool with a gym attached. There is a really fast waterslide that goes down. If you lay on your back you will swish from side to side and sometimes hit the side of the waterslide. There is also something different from back at home. There is no lifeguard; there is only a light that tells you when you can go down. The water slide is a tube and part of the tube goes outside of the building. You never leave the water slide tube until you hit the water.

If you have hair and you want to swim, you have to have a bathing cap or you are not allowed. The bathing caps don’t stick. They are not rubber or plastic. They are made out of some sort of cloth. They are a lot easier to put on to your head. Last night Robin and I went into the pool by ourselves. Mommy went to get library passes for everybody in our family.

I am looking forward to going to the library just to see what it is like for book selection. My favorite thing is finding a shortcut to Waterpoint. We found that this morning.