Mountain Apple Crisp

We have been eating (and drinking) our way through as much local food as we can. There are a few farmers markets nearby, as well as some local vendors, that we try to frequent. It has also been fun to eat the bananas from the yard and pick the occasional lime.

Laie BeachWe were fortunate enough to run into a young German couple who were vacationing with their infant son. They were staying next door to us and after chatting for a bit we decided to cook a meal together. They would supply the meat and we would supply the not-meat. After a long day at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and then Punaluu Black Sand Beach we did our meal planing while driving back to the house.

Our feast ended up being sausages, pork, tossed salad, peanut noodles, homemade salsa (with chips), rosemary bread, a chardonnay, a local Belgium-style ale, and some mountain apple crisp. We ate and hung out until midnight. It was some of the most enjoyable conversation and food we have had in ages.

Out in the town and up to see the waterfall

Beach County ParkYesterday I went out with mom, dad and Robin. We went to see the waterfall that is really close to the house that we are renting. Mom found the house online on airbnb. While we were at the falls, there was a man there with his daughter. They told us about a great hotel that serves a brunch. I would like to go but it would be too long to wait for me to eat my first meal.

The water looked really fun to go into but you need to have water shoes so that the ground does not hurt your feet.  I don’t have water shoes but in Hawaii there should be a spot where you can buy water shoes. I hope that all four of us get water shoes so that we can all go into the stream.

I then went in to town with mom, dad, and Robin. We all got out to wander around. There were a lot of people around for me. Dad took my sunglass so that they would not get lost in the jostle of people. These are new sunglass that go over my glasses. I got them in Vancouver because somewhere from Halifax to Vancouver my other pair had gone missing. That is all right. I got new ones that I like even more.

Going to do laundry at a laundromat


Yesterday I went out with mom to get our laundry done. It had to be done at a laundromat because there is no washer or dryer here. While it was being done, there was a movie being shown, I think it was Shark Tales. It was getting too loud for me, so we had to go for a walk. There was a natural food cafe really close to the laundromat so that is where we went. Mom and I got a smoothie to share. It was a mango, ginger, turmeric, lemon, and honey smoothie. I think it was very interesting. Then our clothes were done. some still had to be dried again, so mom and I put them back into the dryer. One of my skirts  got grass stuck  to it and when it came through the dryer, the grass was still all stuck. When it came out, Mom and I had to pick the grass off from where it had stuck.

Then mom and I went to the grocery store because we needed some food.  Mom saw a bag that she wanted to put the groceries in. Then the store gave mom a bag for free because she had bought the right amount to get a free bag.  So instead of one new bag, we have two new bags. That is all for now.

Here is a link to a video that I have made for you all to see or hear.

Going Shopping with Mom and Getting a Cold Drink


Yesterday Mom and I went out for a while, because if I don’t have something to do, I get bored and it bothers me if there is no routine. Mom and I went for a drive to get some groceries. When we were on our drive, Mom saw a little shop that had clod drinks. I got a chai tea freeze (a chai milk shake) and mom got a matcha freeze. Mom had asked the worker at Shark’s Hilo Coffee cafe  if they could tell her which of their coffee would make the best espresso. She also asked about a chocolate making course that was posted in the window. He told her that she had to put her name down so that they would know how to contact her for the next course. Mom and I had found the grocery store. Mom and I went for a stroll in the store.We get some food that we needed but mom could not get some non-dairy yogurt that she needs to eat. Mom and I got POG that is a kind of juice so that are not wondering anymore.

That night, I saw Mom and Dad playing darts but I was getting tired so mom had to come and put me to sleep. That is all for now.

Coming to the Big Island

big-islandYesterday I came by airplane to the island of Hawaii. Here is what you need to know if you have not gone by airplane. The cabin crew will run through the safety of the plane in English, French (in Canada) and sometimes they will do it in one more language. On this plane, they did it in Hawaiian. When Mom, Dad, Robin and I came to the big Island it was supper time, so it did not mess us up too much. On the way back it will be hard to get readjusted back to Halifax time. At least I will not be going back to school. If I was, I would have more freezes, more of whatever it is that looks like a seizure but is not, and I would have my hands over my ears a lot.

It will be July when I come back. The last trip I took was when I was in grade 8 and I went to Rome, London England, Berlin, Paris, Scotland, and Amsterdam. That was an 7 month trip. On the way back we stopped in Berlin again. This time it was for two week. Here is a picture of the apartment that I stayed in with my grandparents, my mom, my dad and Robin for fourteen days.

Now back to the Big Island. Mom had found a bakery that would sell her so food that was already cooked so that she did not have to cook supper last nigh. We have a car here too. I will show you a picture of the car. We will do a lot of hiking here and outdoor kinds of thing such as swimming, walking, hiking and so much more. I will have a lot of stories to tell everyone a school in September. I am coming home on July 11. Here is a picture that means July to me. The plane ride to the big Island was a lot shorter then I had thought it would be. I will tell you all more later but I want to stop writing right now.


July on PEI

Getting Ready to go to the Big Island

Today I am moving from one island to another island. Hopefully, the next island’s bed will be a double bed and I won;t have to move beds. There is one bed for each room. The beds are king-size beds. I hope that Robin will not kick me too much. If she does I will tell her to stop kicking me.

There is a waterfall with a rope swing in to the water. I will go in to that waterfall and will have a lot of fun in the water.

Before I can get to the Big Island I will have to go by plane. When I come back it will be for two days and my family and I will go to see Anikka. We brought some maple syrup with us and we will give it to Anikka and her family. It will be nice to be in the AC for the car ride to the airport. We have a car in the Big Island too. I hope the the next house will have fans or AC.

It will be a lot of fun to be somewhere in the jungle. Hilo has fewer people then Charlottetown. It will be nice to be in smaller town. I will have a lot of fun in Hilo. I will tell you all about the Big Island. I hope I will get to the Zoo on the Big Island, and to the aquarium on that island too. That is all for now.

To the Big Island

Our time on Oahu is running down. We are flying out to the land of Kona coffee tomorrow. Oahu was planned as more of a tourist time where we would try to do more “things”. We did manage to do enough to ensure a memorable vacation already. The Big Island time is going to be more for chilling out and getting a tan.

Speaking of which, we are the palest people for hundreds of kilometres,  with the exception of some British tourists who were making the competition close at Waimea Valley.

We have been struck with a bit of a setback in our desires for beaches and waves. Two of our number have gotten ear infections. This will mean more time on the sand and less on the water. Regardless, laying about for a couple of weeks recuperating in Hawaii is not a terrible burden.

Swimming in a Waterfall

I love swimming, I have been trying to go swimming once or twice a day. The places I am swimming most commonly is Sunset Beach. Robin WaterfallBut, I recently went for a swim in a waterfall’s pool. This was the first time I ever went swimming in a waterfall. Anyone who went swimming there had the option of jumping off the waterfall, so long as they didn’t go to high. I obviously did so. It took me a long time to be able to climb the waterfall. I tried four times with no success. Then a girl there showed me where to grab so I could hold on through the current. It took me a few more tries before I got it right but I did it, after many scrapes and bruises from falling and slipping. Ow. But, it was worth it. Once I knew how, I wouldn’t stop. I jumped off at least ten times–probably more. It was so much fun, especially because I would sink with a life vest on.

While in the pool, everybody had to wear a life vest because at it’s deepest the pool is about thirty feet deep. The girl who showed me how to climb the waterfall was really kind and we ended up talking for most the rest of the time we spent swimming. I stayed in until we were both told to get out. If I could, I would go back again. But, unfortunately, we are leaving Oahu and won’t go back. But the girl and I may meet up again and we made plans to get in touch when we are back in Oahu in two weeks. The whole experience was incredible and irreplaceable, at least in my opinion.

Going to a waterfall

Yesterday I went to a waterfall with Mom, Dad, and Robin. You had to wear a lifejacket because the water was super deep. Here is a video of the waterfall.

I was really scared for the large drop and the whole thing. Robin had a great time and she made a new friend who helped her get over her fear of going under the waterfall and then jumping into the water. I went to get under the waterfall but I could not do it because the water was moving too fast. Getting in or out was the had part. While I was there with mom and dad, I was asked if it would be a good idea if they took my picture so I could have a new school picture.

The two of them must have taken 40 pictures of me. They will take the best one and make a couple of copies of that one picture. I was told to sit in some trees and they took some with my hat on and some with my hat off.

On are way out mom was talking to Robin’s friend’s mom and dad was tacking to friend’s uncle and the four of us plan to go to their house when we are back on Oahu. I had a great time at the waterfall but I am so happy that it is over.


So, what happens when you play in the waves at a beach the locals call “Pounders”? Well, you have a wonderful time as long as you stay away from the big waves.

Laie BeachRobin and I decided it would be a good idea to go for a short run from our place in Laie down to Laie Beach Park, aka Pounders. And that is what we did. We ran down to the beach and then played in the smaller waves … but small waves can be a bit boring. With no adult supervision to keep us from being fools, we decided to venture over to where the locals bodysurfed and otherwise played.

The first wave knocked us on our butts. This was before we managed to get into water that was above our thighs. I want to point out that I have never been in larger waves. The biggest waves I have been in on PEI might have been the size of the one that knocked us down. A wiser man (or daughter) might have turned around at this point. We battled on. The second wave was not bad. The third was pretty okay. It was easy. It was time to try a little bodysurfing on a real wave.

Our wave was obvious. The water level dropped to waist level and the sucking began around our legs. Looking back, all we could see was water coming toward us. We dropped our heads and swam. At this point, I can only speak from personal experience. I swam as hard as I could and felt my legs rise as the wave caught up to me. I sped up and for just a moment, I was flying on top of the water. The next thing I remember was doing (what I could only assume were awesome) summersaults until I was completely disoriented. The only reason I knew which way was up was because I was lying on the bottom. I staggered over to Robin shaking away the cobwebs (is there a water-addled version of cobwebs?) and we started back to try again. She had experienced a similar fate.

Laie BeachIt was not until we were preparing to try again that Robin pointed out that I had lost the right side of my bathing shorts. My modesty was still intact but I was uncertain how many repeats I could withstand. As I mentioned, we had run down to the beach and did not bring any extra clothing. We decided to try one more in the “pounders” and then head back to the smaller waves. I refuse to call it a defeat, merely a tactical retreat.

Eventually, Janet and Sarah came by (we were planning on meeting there) and I convinced them, through some minor laughs, that they could bring me back a pair of shorts a bit later.